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Nachos! Black bean chips, ground grass fed beef, black beans, cheddar, home made pico de gallo, avocado and black olives. Goodies with none of the crap. Have fun. #e4a21 #accountability #nomnom
Hard work x proper planning x creativity x execution = resukts you can be proud of. @therealmiamazin #wbff  (at Hudson Theater Times Square)
These two stayed consistent and worked on plan to achieve incredible results. 16 weeks. Right knowledge. Both placed top 5. #wbff #trini #nyc #nutrition #training
Mia placed in the top 5 in the #WBFF Dive Fitness Model category this weekend at their first show in NYC! Strong woman. Strong team. Strong showing. #teame4a  (at Hudson Theater Times Square)
I’m not often in Times Square, but when I am, I figure it’s a good occasion to shoot Old Glory. #yallwelcome #merica #nyc  (at Nypd Substation Times Square)
"Teamwork Makes the Dream Work." Kate and Lita connecting at Lita’s bootcamp in Atlanta today. #TeamE4A!!! #eatingforabs
"I don’t have a diet. Jenny Craig got a diet. I eat to live, not to die… My screen saver is a mug of me in 1984. I look older there than I do now. Cutting out the drinking, smoking weed, the hamburgers, cheese fries - that’s it. That’s the right answer for me." -Bernard Hopkins, 49. Boxer. #espnbody
New Yorkers may have felt a strong wind and seen a silver streak zip past them this morning. #EatingForAbs Coach Mia is landing on Times Square tomorrow, competing in the #WBFF NYC Fitness and Fashion Weekend! Held at the Millennium Hotel Broadway, tickets are on sale at See you there!

Training #core is not just abs, it’s all the muscles from your sternum down to your knees. Train them! #coachbe #nutrition #eatingforabs

When we say we work #core, it means the muscle groups from the sternum to the knees. Train it! #coachbe #eatingforabs #nutrition #training

I’ve seen enough evidence to be  convinced that to be truly successful we need to develop the talent of being great listeners. Listen to our customers. Listen to the market. Listen to what the everyone is already talking about. And most importantly listen to ourselves. We spend so much time listening to the amplified voices on the radio/tv/social media etc, we could spend our whole lives surfing from external thought to external thought. Success and happiness require aligning with our purpose, which can only be divined by being a good listener. Good luck IN there :) #CoachBe -meditation teacher Light Watkins pictured. SoHo, NYC, July 2014 #listen #meditate #eatingforabs #success
"When in Rome…" Lakewood, NJ headed down the Jersey Shore tasked with keeping it 100 with #eatingforabs #accountability partners. Here’s what I grabbed, plus kale chips and a few 0 sugar iced tea bottles. Coachy coach, COACH coach wins. #e4a21
"#tbt #thenandnow :: Forget those Throw back "used to be" I do my BEST to #getbetter EVERY DAMN DAY! Put your kids ESPECIALLY DAUGHTERS in activities, sports, dance SOMETHING that connects them with THEIR SELF; teaches VALUES & time-management; teaches PRIORITIES; and most importantly SELF-CONFIDENCE!! Since I was little I’ve dreamed of being a combo of She-Ra, Wonderwoman, Cheetara, Optimus Prime, & Leonardo from TMNT (*sidenote: Saturday am cartoons used to be SO BOMB!!) Anywho … Alien robot, Mutant Amphibian & Feline hybrid aside, I think I’ve gotten pretty close to what I was dreaming about! (Still bummed I won’t have an invisible jet or Unicorn/Pegasus pet…) #powerKid #islandgirl #girlsgottalift #bodymorphology #youth #womenworkout #weights #flex #prepmode #eatingforabs #superhero" by @therealmiamazin See Eating For Abs Coach Mia July 26th in #NYC as she competes in the WBFF New York Fitness and Fashion Weekend! Tickets on sale at Go Mia!!!!!!

Cleans today. What verbal cues, if any, would you give this athlete? @cflbrooks @jonaselliottsr? (I just felt like putting you two on the spot) 😀 #olylifts #clean #coachbe

A little naked fish taco action. Green chillies, sriracha, and my dear friend guacamole. Delicious. #eatingforabs #coachbe #e4a21 #accountability