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These conversations absolutely make my day. Way to go Kev! Fit at 50. #fitdad #nutrition #training #e4a21 #eatingforabs
At 40+ I’m feeling better than I was at 30!!! (That’s pretty darn good) #eatingforabs #nutrition #training #fatloss #wellness for info.
It’s the everyday stories that continue to inspire us. We created #eatingforabs to simplify fat loss, disease prevention, and foster great health and happiness. We ALL want to look great, naked, and that comes as a welcome side effect :) Join us at The Ultimate Nutrition Course begins again in October, and join our 21-Day Fat Loss jumpstart at “Coach Be, after adhering to eating for abs and keeping up my training schedule I’m down a clothing size and close to being down TWO!”
Love this! “I’ve learned a shitload since med school!” Donna is an #e4a alumni, medical professional, #fitmom, and judo athlete. Giving a presentation on #nutrition today, and I’m honored to be mentioned among the positive influences. “Every Coach needs a coach. I have several that I use as we all have more than one doctor that we go to per our specific needs. When I get ‘stuck’ (and yes, I get stuck too) I call my Body-Fat Doctor, Coach Be Moore!”
- Dr. Ferguson
“The Best Judo Coach Ever”
Olympian - Author - Coach #nutrition #training #coachbe #bodymorphology #e4a21
#free+style looks like an incredible wealth of knowledge on functional movement. Not in the cards for me right now, but let me know if you’ve gone through it. Inquiring minds…
"21 Days of Fat Loss." Join #E4A21 and break through your fat-loss plateaus. We’ve built an incredible program and tested on ourselves! Yep, guinea pigs just to create, through trial and error, a simple, easy to use system that produces results! No gym required. No starvation dieting. Delicious food and challenging training. Find out more at #nutrition #training #accountability
Join the #eatingforabs 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, #E4A21. We’ll tell you how to stock your kitchen, give you recipes, training you can do at home, and rules to live by. Whether you’re coming off of the couch, or looking to break through a progress plateau, this is it. Find out more at #nutrition #training #fatloss
"Don’t wish for it… WORK for it!" #eatingforabs Coach Mia is a powerhouse athlete, and incredibly knowledgeable trainer. She answers YOUR questions as a member of The Ultimate Nutrition Course.
Chris Pratt

Actor Chris Pratt, who recently starred in the blockbuster Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy” has made no secret of the realities of his incredible body transformation. 

When asked by a fan who admitted struggling with his weight about his WORKOUT routine, Pratt answered 

"6 months SEEMS like a long time unless you’re looking backward. All you have to do is A FEW THINGS every day and REMAIN CONSISTENT (#habits). 

If you just cut the crap out of your diet and spend an hour a day doing something physical, 6 months will pass by and you will feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. They’re all connected. 

And also SEEK THE HELP OF A COACH. It may cost you a little money, but it won’t cost you as much as the crap you won’t be eating.” 

Well done, Sir. #coachbe #eatingforabs #nutrition #wellness #fatloss #gotg #marvel #chrispratt
We’ll keep running this message home until folks can MAYBE be open to the fact that what they “know” about weight loss MAY be flawed. If weight loss is your goal, be advised that’s NOT and indicator of body composition. We can be “fat” at our starting AND our goal weights. So? What are we REALLY trying to accomplish? Is it enough to simply move the dial on the scale? Not in the #eatingforabs world view. It’s been our experience that what most people are REALLY trying to do is to improve their body composition. That means promoting their lean mass (have great arms, legs, a nice butt, etc) and reduce body fat. #FATloss over weight loss. Let me know if I’m hitting the mark yet :) -Coach Be
#eatingforabs ladies get around on pedal power! I had a great talk over brunch with Samiayah, 2 time #e4a finisher, on topics ranging from moving to London to what’s happening in her home state if Missouri. Great stuff.  #brooklyn
Dinner in the downtown office tonight. Far too much food but it’s yummy. Lamb, broccoli and roasted mushrooms. What are you  having tonight? (at Whole Foods Market Bowery Beer Room)
Fresh juice in Bed-Stuy. #bedstuy #juice #nutrition
Jerk chicken, coming up. #bedstuy #nomnom #delicious