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Cleans today. What verbal cues, if any, would you give this athlete? @cflbrooks @jonaselliottsr? (I just felt like putting you two on the spot) 😀 #olylifts #clean #coachbe

A little naked fish taco action. Green chillies, sriracha, and my dear friend guacamole. Delicious. #eatingforabs #coachbe #e4a21 #accountability
My friend is in hospital, fighting to reclaim his health. Though it took crisis to get him to this perspective, I hope you’ll hear what he’s saying and benefit from his experience. #coachbe #prevention #wellness
"The Incredibles." 2 athletes is bet the farm on. It’s NOT their physical prowess, it’s about their mental toughness and approach that makes them incredible. As a result of being able to conjure a positive attitude trough tough work they both continue to achieve excellence. Kyle Gurk and Donnie Phelps.
Setup from the “Get On Up” premier after party. These ladies added a lot to the ambiance, working it like JB’s dancers :) #getonup #apollo #harlem #jamesbrown
Light Watkins faced the monster and won today. I threw the book at him in the gym today :) Well done brother. Now do we head to the Apollo for the “Get on up” premier or just find a great meal? #coachbe #eatingforabs #training  (at Equinox Gym)
Currently bending the juice bar menu to my will. Let’s go. #e4a21 #accountability #eatingforabs  (at equinox)
:) “Story of my life … 🙈 even though it’s Sunday, I got the Bikini Olympia to train for.. Sooooo I’m doin it for the bikini. 👙 eat your whites 💪😜 #amandalatona #training #bikini #bikiniolympia #prep #doitforthebikini #egglife #prepmode #luvthecakes #cakesforcakes #happy” by @amandalatona
"Repping #eatingforabs tonight at the gym 💪 Visit for more info #performancenutrition #cleaneating #crossfit #nodiets #therealdeal #itsalifestyle #e4a” by @jenn_pena
I’ve worked with Olympians, National Champions in the US and Canada, crossfitters, and other amazing athletes. The MOST REWARDING experiences I have however are those that pair my team and I with everyday people determined to improve their lives. People who could be our neighbors, stringing together simple behaviors over time that net MASSIVE effects. Alexandra is such a person and this just to say that I’m HUGELY proud of her effort. Keep up the good work girl. #coachbe #nutrition #eatingforabs
I’ve been working with this guy through years of body changes. Recently he found himself in a plateau and a bit of a funk and CHALLENGED ME to 21 days of living the life by the numbers, according to the habits we teach. 21 days of accountability, great food, and training. Now it’s ONLY 3 weeks. No photo prep. Just do the work. Live the lifestyle.  Expectations? None. Just that we’ll do the work. Wake up, measure, and take the pix.  Well done, Sir! I also see replacing the “dreadmill” with HIIT outdoors has netted a nice TAN! Hahaha! Good good stuff.  “21 day nutrition and exercise challenge through #eatingforabs is done today, but there is no finish line in taking good care of yourself. Aside from the physical benefits, I feel what I got most from the coaching was a chance to forge more sustainable habits by having to choose between eating junk and eating for fuel every day. These last 21 days were full of intense strength and interval training but it didn’t distract from my teaching and having fun. It was doable and that’s what I find that I gravitate towards: programs that allow me to me be AND they’re effective. Big thanks to @coachbemoore. Guys if you want the best nutrition coaching available for the best value check out Coach Be has a program starting today! It’s the last day to sign up until October. #e4a21 #eatingforabs #health #nutrition #coachbe #community” by @thedailymeditator
"Weirdos." Indeed, but they’re MY weirdos :) Great team meeting with the #eatingforabs coaches and mentors tonight. Ready to turn up the love on the April course students and welcome the July students later this week! #nutrition #training #fatloss #wellness #winning

The Ultimate Nutrition Course. #EatingForAbs Register today at #nutrition #training Great quote this morning shared by Coach Mia: “Perfection is an ever moving target. Progress is ever achievable. Focus on perfection and you’ll exhaust yourself, focus on progression and you will always be energized! Change is the only constant, so embrace it and be an active participate in POSITIVE change!”

Give *scratch that* GET Up! -Morley #graf #la #morley #art
Red lentils are so pretty. #eatingforabs #protein